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"Parco della Chiesa" filtered extra virgin olive oil

A highly esteemed extra virgin olive oil, renowned for the many varieties of olives used in the traditional milling process.

The various olive varieties of Masseria Maccarone are plucked from the centuries old trees when they are not fully ripe, which provides the opportunity to nuture an exceptional fruity taste with very low acidity.

  • 750 ml.
  • 3 litri
  • 5 litri

Production region

Marina di Savelletri - Puglia - Italy

Cultivated olive variety

Cima secolare, Peranzana e Carolea


Intense green exhibiting flavescent tincture, a distinctive colour


Uniquely mellow due to the different qualities of olive varieties contained in it.


From 0.2 to 0.4 max of fat acids


Accentuated density


Medium fruity


Excellent drizzled on every first course, on vegetables, on broad bean purée, chickpeas, lentils, boiled potatoes, red meats and fish in general. This Masseria Maccarone mellowy filtered extra virgin olive oil. also makes an ideal frying and cooking oil.